Creating Your Customer Avatar part 4: "The Path to Success"

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The Path to Success

Alright! Welcome to the 4th and final lesson for Creating Your Customer Avatar.

You've already done the work of identifying your customer avatar (the Zero), their destination (the Hero) and have started developing empathy (as their Guide).

In this last lesson we want to map out the customer journey. How do you propose they get from Zero to Hero?

Simply knowing that theirs a gap between who they are and who they want to be.

This is what defines you as an expert. The person who can bridge the divide.

By writing down your process, you're giving you and your team a kind of measuring stick to gauge how the conversation is going and how you should be leading the conversation.

Are they coming cold, knowing nothing about you? How would you greet them and introduce yourself?

Are they warm? They know who you are but have never purchased before? How do you build trust?

Are they hot and ready to purchase? How do you raise their confidence and close the deal?

There's a different approach and different type of language needed at every point in the journey.

This last lesson will give you a simple map to help guide you so you can help guide your zero to herodom.

Step 1: Resources

Click here to download the worksheet for this lesson.

Step 2: Map out the journey

On the worksheet there's a straight line with some notches on it. This represents the customer journey.

I find this helps you to visualise the journey so it becomes more real.

On the far left we have The Beginning and it's where the Zero begins. They know nothing about you.

The first step is Diagnose. It's the first interaction with you where can communicate and show that you empathise with the Zero's pain and desires.

You diagnose the problem and can prescribe a solution. Think about tangible benefits here. Not functions.

The next step is Discover. You've now shown them that you have a potential solution to their problem. Their curiousity will drive them into a phase of discovery.

They'll want to know more about you. This is a perfect time to display authority and build trust. This also a great time to talk about features and functions.

The third step is Deliver. They Zero is convinced of your expertise and is now in a decision making phase.

In this phase you can talk about how easy it is to work with you. Your simple implementation process. Your one-click purchase option.

You're highlighting how great the customer experience will be if they work with you.

The final step on the far right is The Destination. You've successfully delivered on your promise, solved a problem and have helped your Zero realise one of their desires. They have become the Hero of their story.

As you can see, there's a different approach for each section.

Using the blank template in the worksheet, brainstorm some words for each section. Just one or two word phrases.

These could be words to describe the customers experience at that particular part of the journey.

You could use words to describe how your product or service is relatable in this phase.

Let's use a mattress company as an example (keep in mind that I know nothing about mattresses):

You make the comfiest mattresses in the world.

Your target Zero is a young adult, single and is an athlete.

After putting some excessive strain on his body through physical activity, it's finally caught up to him and he has bad back problems.

He hasn't been able to find a mattress that can truly help him get a good nights sleep. What's worse is that his back problems hinder his work and social life as well.

For Diagnose you might write:

  • Frustrated (customer)

  • Depressed (customer)

  • Helpless (customer)

  • Long term healing (benefit)

  • Improved social life (benefit)

  • Longer lasting pain relief (benefit)

For Discover you might write:

  • Hopeful (customer)

  • Sceptical (customer)

  • Desperate (customer)

  • Memory foam technology (feature)

  • Custom built for a custom fit (feature)

  • Adaptive technology (feature)

For Deliver you might write:

  • Excited (customer)

  • Confident (customer)

  • Determined (customer)

  • Money back guarantee (service)

  • Fast delivery (service)

  • Online support (service)

Step 3: All done!

You now have a list of keywords that define each stage of the process.

Allow this to guide your customer interactions and don't be afraid to come back and update this list.

The more you learn from the customers and adapt, the better.

To recap the entire course, we started by developing empathy. Taking a look at life through the eyes of your customers.

Next we brought our Zero to life. Creating a tangible character we can aim our communication efforts at.

Next we created our Hero. The end goal for the Zero. The destination. We dove into what their life could look like if they were to succeed on their journey.

Lastly, we mapped out our path to success. Creating keywords to give focus to each step of the customer journey.

Be sure to share your answers with the group.