We Need Less Parrots and More Mountain Lions

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I read this article today from Forbes called “Improving Your Brand: Eight Ways You Can Reach Your Audience” and it pissed me off.

Disclaimer: If you’re a Forbes Fan Boy then prepare to get your panties in a twist. You can either leave now or, untwist those knickers and continue reading.

There’s something fundamentally wrong with this article.

No, it’s not toxic nor offensive. It’s not even false.

It’s just so boring and generic.


I’ve read this same article at least 50 times from vast array of blogs. From little startup blogs, to creative agencies all the way to Forbes.

The problem is that we are in the age where content is king. We’re encouraged to create and post content daily. Whilst this still holds true, us humans can’t help but look for the shortcut. An easier way.

So what do we do?

We search the web finding hot topics and we rewrite them and share them as our own, with little to no additional input.

I’m all for sharing valuable content, but if you’re not adding your own 2 cents on top of it, then you’re a parrot. A mimic trying to capitalise on someone else’s ideas.

The internet is like a circle of dogs. They throw up into the middle of the circle, eat each others mess and then regurgitate it back up. Repeat


It grinds my gears that a publication as renowned as Forbes can share something so shallow with no depth or insight that can truly help its readership advance in their lives.

Where are the leaders? Where are our mountain lions?

Mountain lions dominate their environment and lead you see. Furthermore, the environment allows them to lead because they understand and respect who they are.


You can’t stand out if you don’t stand for anything.

If your brand isn’t taking your customers on a deeper journey, then you are not providing anything of true value. You’re a parrot and you will fail.

We need new ideas. Challenging ideas.

It doesn’t matter whether they are right or wrong. What matters is that they expand our minds and open us up to a world of possibilities.

So go create your daily content. But create content that matters and that challenges the status quo. That gets us all thinking and talking.