Most (not all) brand agencies are quick to take your money and promise you the world.

They still deliver beautiful designs and provide great customer service, but the whole experience still leaves you feeling a bit...”meh”.

These types of agencies focus on deliverables and give little to no attention to strategy.

How do I know this?

Because I used to be one of those agencies.

For years I convinced prospects that my cool and creative designs were essential to their success.

My business model was simple:

Say yes to any and all design work and then deliver the best designs possible.

This model paid me well for years.

That was of course, before outsourcing became very, very popular.

Sites like Fiverr and Upwork were connecting businesses with thousands of freelancers who could deliver the same thing I was, at a fraction of the cost.

E3 site images_1.jpg

“But their designs are terrible!” I would protest.

Subjectivity though, can be a hell of a thing.

In the eyes of the client, the final designs were just as good as mine, just a lot cheaper.

Because I was focused on deliverables, I was able to be replaced by someone else who could do it better, faster or cheaper.

But that’s my sob story. Here’s where it turns ugly for you.

With my back against the wall, I had to find other areas I could provide value. For me, that meant upgrading and educating myself.

For a lot of agencies though, they take the shortcut. Regurgitating other experts knowledge and bringing nothing new to the table:

N.B. I’m not saying any of the businesses shown below are bad at what they do. I’m simply illustrating the recirculation of information without adding anything new that’s of value.

“How to build a landing page that converts”

E3 site images_3.jpg

“Here’s the top 10 reasons you need a rebrand”

E3 site images_2.jpg

Nothing but cliches and buzzwords to try and win you over.

Whereas before they were just creating pretty designs. Now they’re making pretty designs and making promises they can’t deliver on to justify their pretty designs.

That’s where you get burnt.

Your investment generates little to no return and the resentment begins.

The good news is that there’s a way for you to take back control and still grow a strong brand without the need for an agency!